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Multifunctional Flocking Inflatable Back Seat & Trunk Mattress

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This car air mattress is a must-have item for a long journey. Soft and comfortable to sleep on. It can add more comfort to your back and neck especially for a long-distance journey. It has smooth and breathable flocking bed surface. Its thick and durable fabric provides a long lasting product life. 

High-quality and durable for its superior PVC material.
Good ventilation and fine flocking bed surface.
Unique and multi-stage design so it can fold flexibly and freely to match car space.
Impact resistant and easy recovery.
Humanized designed in wave-shaped style better fixed effect.
Flexibly control each plate by inflating each air valve.
Cozy and safe to sleep on it.
Super strong bearing force with load bearing capacity up to 300kg.
Environmentally-friendly safe non-toxic and tasteless.
Scratch resistant and wear resistant.
Warm low temperature resistant and high temperature resistant.
Venting in 30 seconds.
Only one side is flocking.
Applicable to 95% SUV models for a long journey or camping.

1. This product is not life-saving equipment; it cannot be used in the water.
2. The recommended temperature inside the car is -18~50.
3. Please do not use it to touch any sharp objects or cigarette.
4. Please tighten two nozzles during inflation process.
5. The air in the cushion can last about 10 hours. Please inflate it again after 10 hours for a comfortable use.

Material: PVC
Color: Blue-black
Folding size: 30 * 25 * 12cm / 11.81 * 9.84 * 4.72in
Unfold size after inflating: 118 * 130 * 12cm / 46.46 * 51.18 * 4.72in
Item weight: 3300g / 116.40oz
Package size: 45 * 15 *26cm / 17.72 * 5.91 * 10.24in
Package weight: 3800g / 134.01oz

Package List:
1 * Car air mattress
1 * Car air pump
1 * Repair kit
1 * Storage bag
1 * Packaging box
2 * Car air pillow

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