Cafele Magnetic Phone Mount

  • 18.99


Never worry again while driving with one of our Cafele Magnetic Phone Mounts. Its strong hold will keep your phone in the perfect position while driving so you never have to take your eyes off the road. Our line of mounts include three variations for multiple surfaces and also comes in multiple colours to match your style!

1. Rotating Magnetic Mount 

  • Applies to smooth surfaces with an adhesion pad
  • Magnetically holds phone
  • Shock resistant

2. Vent Clip Magnetic Mount

  • Magnetically holds phone
  • Clips onto car vents with 3 prongs
  • Locks so it will never fall

3. Magnetic Adhesion Pad

  • Applies to any smooth surface
  • Magnetically holds phone
  • Simple pad with ZERO movement

Before using any of the mounts you simply take your device and gently apply a minimalistic pad allowing for adhesion. Everything you need to set up your safe and convenient driving experience comes in the package including a manual.

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Brand Name: Cafele
Compatible Brand: Universal
Use: Car
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Magnetic: Yes
Shipping: Free shipping

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